Hello Everyone and welcome to my simplified website!

On this site, I do just a few things: I tell you about my role in helping people to become healthier as a nutritionist and also, when necessary, notices about upcoming lectures.  I don’t do much lecturing in the winter time, so no notices on this topic just yet.

I’ve also created another website just for selling my books or e-books and that is: ebooks-by-Tom.

Thomas C. Petrie is a graduate of Cornell Univ. with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and a minor in Biochemistry.  Tom was Nutritionist with the Pritikin Longevity Center in Garden Grove, CA and Nutritionist for the Total Wellness Foundat’n in Albany, NY.  He has been a guest on local radio and TV.  (Yes, that link is a recent radio appearance of 11/17/14.)  He formerly worked with the Schachter Center for Complent’ry Medicine, in Suffern, New York (March, 2007 to September, 2014) and currently lives in Ballston Spa, NY, just about 25 miles north of Albany.

Tom completed Anti-Vitamin Baloney in July of 2011 (Llumina Press, 206 pages), and this is available at Amazon or at Kindle.  It’s new title is: “The Mainstream Media’s Anti-Vitamin Agenda” and it should be available shortly as a paperback, or now as an e-book. He is an avid distance runner, bicyclist and disc golfer (but no disc golf in the winter!). He can be e-mailed at: viteswork@gmail.com.




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