Hello Everyone and welcome to my website!

On this site, I do a few things: I tell you about my role in helping people to become healthier as a nutritionist and also, when necessary, notices about upcoming lectures or webinars.

I’ve also created another website just for selling my  e-books and that is: ebooks-by-Tom.  Truth be told, none of these books was intended as an e-book, three out of four are full-length books that have taken between five and eight years to write.  Only the book on preventing and reversing the common cold or the flu is 100 pages.  The others are 180, 224 and 377, so they’re technically a little long for an e-book, but at least in this format, you’ll have a chance to read them while they’re being published.  “Llumina Press–my original publisher–is out of business, thus the delay in getting all these books published.

Tom is a graduate of Cornell Univ. with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and a minor in Biochemistry.  Tom was Nutritionist with the Pritikin Longevity Center in Garden Grove, CA and Nutritionist for the Total Wellness Foundat’n in Albany, NY.  He has been a guest on local radio and TV.  (Yes, that link is a radio appearance of 11/17/14.)  He formerly worked with the Schachter Center for Complent’ry Medicine, in Suffern, New York for 7.5 years and currently lives in Mechanicville, NY, just about 15 miles north of Albany with his beautiful wife and talented step-son.   He has a daughter–Jennifer–who lives in Denver, Colorado.

Tom completed Anti-Vitamin Baloney in July of 2011 (Llumina Press, 206 pages), and this is available at Amazon or Kindle.  It’s new title is: “The Mainstream Media’s Anti-Vitamin Agenda” and is NOT YET available as a solid book, but is as an e-book. He’s also the author of “Attention on Demand” (How to Overcome Adult ADHD), available as an e-book here.  His latest book is: “Cardiac Survival, Your Keys to a Healthy Heart and Squeaky Clean Arteries” and is due out in December, 2017.

Tom is an avid distance runner, (25 marathons), bicyclist and disc golfer. He can be e-mailed at: 10kilometers@nycap.rr.com.  Private consultations are available and some insurance is accepted minus a small co-pay (as you’d expect),   Long distance consults are done via a Skype Internet connection. Simply e-mail me to request a Skype consultation appointment.  Remember, as a nutritionist, I can’t give medical advice, just nutritional advice regarding diet, lifestyle and maybe dietary supplements.  And you can be sure there’ll be a discussion of goals, without which nothing will be possible!

Tom can be reached at: 518-730-8889 any reasonable time (EST), seven days per week.




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