“Alternative Cancer Therapies” Matter!

Too many folks in America and world-wide are losing their lives to cancer.  The latest year for which statistics are available, 2015, saw over 570,000 died from cancer in the United States.  Many millions more died worldwide. It’s a little disingenuous to say “they lost their battle” because IF you’re fighting “a battle,” wouldn’t you want to bring to the battlefield ALL available weapons?  You would, and if you only bring two or three–commonly known as “conventional therapies,” then it would be inaccurate to say ALL weapons were being used that could have been used.

Did you do anything to enhance immunity?

Did you do anything to decrease the nausea of chemotherapy?

Did you do anything to decrease stress in your life or to increase “hope”–something that some cancer patients lose for various reasons.

Did you implement a plan to avoid all known cancer causing agents? After all, if you’re too cold, you turn up the heat, don’t you?  If your bath is too hot, you add cold water, don’t you?  If you catch colds often, you increase your intake of green vegetables, cut out sugar and junk food, (maybe) exercise a little and add some vitamin C, don’t you?  (Or you continue to get colds frequently!)

It’s been said rather pedantically, that you “can’t solve a problem except by solving it,” (Scott Peck, the Road Less Traveled) and he’s right.  So let’s get back to our topic.

it is not my point to denigrate conventional therapies as they have proven successful in many cases.  The question no one wants to ask is this: After you’ve beaten your cancer, does the cancer come back in three or four years?  In other words, did the patient who successfully beat cancer CHANGE any bad habits that allowed cancer to develop in the first place?  (Those that mistakenly believe that you developed cancer from genetics need not change any habits as “genetics dictates that they’re getting cancer.”  Perhaps “epi-genetics” is at work, (meaning genes can have an influence on our disease incidence and outcomes), but it is NOT the sole cause and not even a primary cause in the fast majority of cases.


I support many health organizations that support alternative therapies, but one that stands out in my mind to support alternative cancer therapies is in East Dover, VT, The Cancer Alternative Foundation.  I’ve provided a link to their website.  Won’t you please support the GREAT work they’re doing by considering a donation to them?  They do not have an automatic link on their website, but you can mail a check to them at P.O. Box 268, E. Dover, VT  05341.

It is also to benefit my Run For Alternative Cancer Therapies, that I am running in the Adirondack Distance Festival Half Marathon in Schroon Lake on September 24th!   So why not make a donation towards my run AND in memory of my late brother David who should have had the benefits of alternative therapies for his cancer, but didn’t and passed away at the young age of 51.  (Full disclosure: David was a life-long smoker. He also was in awe of all the gadgetry at the hospital… the CAT scan machines, the fancy equipment, the chemotherapy and the surgeons.  Oh how he suffered those first (and last) six months!  If there ever was a “case example” of how nutritional and medical neglect can make a person die quickly that was my brother’s case!  (At the time I worked at a medical center which did intravenous vitamin C and herbal therapies for cancer.  Insurance did NOT cover these things.)

Alternative therapies involve both doing things that enhance immune system functioning, like dietary modifications and various herbs and decreasing all stress in the patient’s life while increasing mood and tranquility!  That’s a tough order if you have cancer, but these are some of the arenas that must be worked on with any alternative therapy.  Major dietary modifications are always essential, so yeah, coffee and donuts are out!