Geoengineering, what’s that?

It;s funny–but not really–that even today, after 70 years of weather manipulation by governments around the world, but especially ours, people do not yet know what geoengineering is.  In fact, if you ask folks to “Look up at the sky!” and remark on either (a) “How beautiful are the skies–wow, no spraying today” or (b), “Damn, they’re spraying like crazy today!”  You often get a blank stare.  Yet, more and more people ARE waking up to what’s really happening, so maybe, just maybe, there is hope for the masses of dumbed-downed individuals.

We know the propaganda is huge since when my son came home from school a few years back, he had a lesson in “contrails,” condensation trails left by large aircraft above 35,000 feet.  The last for a few hundred feet and THEN…disappear.  Or, you can read “Weather for Dummies” by John D. Cox–a “scientist” out of northern California.  No where in his book is there a word about purposeful weather modification or manipulation, what’s known as geoengineering or solar radiation management.

Not so with what is commonly called “chemtrails,”  Not only do they not dissipate quickly, they spread across the sky to create this fuzzy haze that blocks sunlight while raining down on us aluminum, barium, selenium and other toxic elements.  If you have never heard of geoengineering, please wake up, because if you do not (wake up), there will be very little if any life on earth in ten years.

What?  Did you say ten years?  Yes.  So turn off your television and learn what is REALLY going on.  This is no joke and there’s no time to sleep.  It’s time to wake up.

Yes, global climate change is real, BUT weather manipulation, e.g., PURPOSEFUL weather manipulation is wrong and evil and must be stopped.

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