Nutrition Consulting



  • Reduce or eliminate your dependence on medications and minimize potential Diabetic complications in your future?
  • How about Reversing your diabetes?  
  • Reduce or eliminate your symptoms of ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’? Have more energy and get more things done?
  • Reduce your weight permanently and stop that frustrating ‘yo-yo’ dieting?
  • Lower your cholesterol, triglycerides or blood pressure—without medications? (And learn the “myth” of cholesterol causing heart disease?)
  • Not have trouble, (be out of breath), climbing just a few flights of stairs? Would you like to get in better shape?  Would you like to walk or run your first 5km, 10km race?  Maybe your first ½ marathon?  Why not, many have!
  • Help your children with allergies, asthma, P.D.D., and A.S.D.s.
  • Dramatically enhance your immune system and fight the “threat” of various influenza bugs without dangerous and various under-tested vaccines?
  • Have much more energy than you do now and not be tired at three in the after-noon—whether or not you have a ‘low thyroid’ function or not?
  • Enhance cognitive functioning to lessen your chances of suffering (the ever-increasing) scourges of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia?
  • Have your intestinal tract working better than it works right now? What about getting control over IBS, Crohn’s Disease or Gastrointestinal Reflux?
  • Dramatically enhance your short term memory and mental focus?
  • Help get your skin healthier regardless of its condition at the present time?
  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate your dependence on dangerous drugs or alcohol? (Yes, intelligent nutritional approaches can make all the difference!)
  • Learn if low-level fluoride poisoning is causing (or worsening) your health challenges, such as low thyroid function, fatigue, AI disorders or arthritis?
  • Reverse or dramatically reduce your ADHD symptoms?
  • Learn the important benefits of sun-shine exposure (v. the misinformation and nonsense). Learn why sunshine exposure is not the significant health hazard you’ve been led to believe!
  • NOT get heart disease, a disease that kills over 525,000 Americans each year and takes another one third of our health care dollars?
  • NOT get cancer, a disease that, unnecessarily, kills 575,000 Americans each year—often in the form of painful “linger-ing” illness which gobbles up life savings in a mere months and takes approximately 1/3rd of our health care dollars? (App’x A in book, pictured below, discusses this topic in depth.


Nutritional support is available for those suffering from a variety of health challenges.  Note that a nutritionist can’t prescribe medications but only recommends dietary or lifestyle adjustments (& occasionally supplements), for getting a person healthier.  The emphasis is on prevention, whenever possible, and in providing scientific nutrition support for: 

» Diabetes » Heart Disease » Hypertension   » Arthritis » ADHD » Fibromyalgia » I.B.S.  » Eczema  » Psoriasis  »  Allergies Weight Challenges or Obesity  » Low Thyroid and C.F.S.   » Cancer  »  Liver Challenges »  Weak Immune System  » Poor Fitness  » Much, much more.

That symptoms and illnesses may dramatically improve or reverse themselves with natural, drug-free methods is a testament to the healing power of the human bodya healing force trying to express itself all the time—if we provide the tools and allow it to happen!

How serious are YOU about becoming healthier?  What actions are YOU willing to take?  So why isn’t NOW a good time to get started? 

About Thomas C. Petrie, B.S., Nutritionist 

Mr. Petrie received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Cornell University in 1980.   He furthered his education at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies where he studied natural and herbal medicine under Dr. John R. Christopher and Bernard Jensen.  At the Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica, CA, Mr. Petrie was a consulting Nutritionist.  He was a nutritionist for Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine for 7.5 years, until very recently.

He regularly conducts health lectures and workshops, (except not often in the winter!).  He has written three books: Cardiac Survival: Your Keys to a Healthy Heart and Squeaky Clean Arteries, (February, 2015), The other is “The Mainstream Media’s Anti-Vitamin Agenda” (see previous page for picture) and most recently, an e-book, How to Prevent and Reverse Cold and Flu Viruses and Attention on Demand, both e-books.

Exercise is an important part of Mr. Petrie’s health program and philosophy.  He is an avid distance runner and also enjoys bicycling, disc (Frisbee) golf and weight lifting.  He has a daughter (Jennifer), and lives in Ballston Spa with his family.

Since making lifestyle changes requires much more than a printed diet, Mr. Petrie pays close attention to what YOU want out of life.

Mr. Petrie is in private practice in Ballston Spa, NY, in center of town, (near Coffee Planet), but by appointment only.  Fees are very reasonable ($225 for initial consultation/ $75 for subsequent consultations, discount for seniors and those under financial distress), and insurance is often accepted.  My phone number is 518-730-8889, any reasonable time, E.S.T.   Have questions? Send an e-mail!

For those that live at a distance from here, telephone or Skype appointments are also available.  Just the same, I can’t help you if you don’t take the effort to reach out to me. By the way, insurance is often accepted, plus a SMALL co-pay, in many instances.

Thomas C. Petrie, C.D.N.
Nutritionist                                                                                                                     Mechanicville, NY                                                                                                                 (NY State Licensed since 1996.)

   “The Doctor of the Future Will Give No Medicine But Will Interest His Patient in the Care of the Human Frame, in Diet and in the Prevention of Disease.”                                                                                            –  Thomas A. Edison, American Inventor