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For a quick peek, I’ve pasted the covers below of four of my books and am developing a new website to sell them separately.  (Ebooks-by-tom is being developed now.).  The three “fancy” covers?  They were designed by my wife Ilona, a professional artist.  I bet you can tell the cover that I designed!  Yup, that would be the one for the e-book on Preventing and Reversing the Common Cold/Flu.  Ok, I admit, I’m no graphic artist, but I think you’ll like this book, and the others too!   To order any, just call me and I’ll e-mail you copies of whatever books you request–as an e-book–at my earliest convenience.  You can mail me a check for the very modest purchase price until I get my new site up and running.  Thanks!

MMAVA__New__Cover__1__24         AoD__for__Tom__Petrie__Website  Cold and Flu Picture, PLAIN Cover           CS__Cover__Thomas C Petrie