Vaccines–Just a Few Points to Make You Think!

I bet very few of our readers know that in November of 2001, Dr. William Thompson, Senior Research Scientist at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta was ordered to do something unethical and incomprehensible.  Did you ever hear about this story?  Against all Federal Regulations (the Federal Records Act, for example), and morality, he was ORDERED to DESTROY documents from a study he performed showing a 360 percent INCREASE in the rate of Autism in African American Boys who got their MMR vaccine before one year of age, v. getting it after three years of age.  Get that?  The EARLIER shots were associated with a three fold GREATER risk of these infant children getting autism, versus when they had their shots delayed. So this scientist was ordered to empty his thousands of pages of documents into a giant trash barrel.  Now do you think the “CDC” is NOT a vaccine company?  Think again! Thankfully, Dr. Thompson kept a copy of his records and after thirteen years of science (and angst!), he came forward with the truth in 2014.  Sadly, the U.S. Congress (almost drowning in drug money as they are), has refused–to this day–to investigate this major fraud as outlined and explained in the documentary, “Vaxxed; from Coverup to Catastrophe,” with a link somewhere below.  Also, see book #47 below, if you want to learn more.

Congress HAS been given the documents, but as whistleblower cases go, sometimes, the government, OUR government, shows its hand very clearly when it refuses to do work FOR THE PEOPLE that got them elected into office in the first place!  Yet, it was on the basis of this fraudulent study, that over 5,000 cases of vaccine injury in “vaccine court,” were DISMISSED!

Another fraudulent study in Denmark back in 2004 supposedly showing no link between vaccines and Autism has since been shown to be a fraud and the lead author–a Dr. Poul Thorsen–has disappeared with one million dollars from the CDC and Autism Speaks and is now a wanted felon in the United States.   (Ever wonder why Autism Speaks never discusses this issue?  Can’t blame them really.)

It is these two “studies” allegedly proving no link between vaccines and Autism upon which the CDC bases their “case” of “no link.”  If you feel some lack of confidence in their assessment, your feelings are not wrong.  They’re a highly corrupt agency and if you knew they’re really just a Vaccine corporation, with fifty vaccine patents and take in 4.5 Billion dollars, (yes, that’s a B as in bamboozle), per year in vaccine profits, THEN you might understand why they NEVER discuss fruits and vegetables, never discuss sunshine (Vitamin D enhances immunity and minimizes chances for auto-immune disorders that are exploding across America), never discuss avoidance of refined white flour and white sugar and their products,  never discuss exercise and never discuss avoiding GMO’s or avoiding pesticides or the importance of eating organic foods.

ALL these aforementioned items ENHANCE IMMUNITY and REDUCE DISEASE.  In fact, there is no such thing as the “Flu Season”: There’s a reasonable level of vitamin D in the summer, sunnier months and lower vitamin D in the winter months!  Truth be told, the blood levels of vitamin D are below optimum to terrible in the majority of people; they’re just even lower during the colder/darker months, that’s all.

Get the picture?  If you look at the CDC as a “Vaccine Corporation,” (and it is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia as such), then you would understand, they don’t give a heck about the health of our children one bit.  Sorry, but that’s truth.

Oh, and “conflicts of interest,” in their vaccine recommendations?  They routinely grant waivers so that those who stand to PROFIT from getting a “new vaccine on the schedule,” can recommend that such vaccine….be ADDED to the schedule!  Get the picture?  The MORE vaccines added to the schedule, the MORE money they (the CDC) make, BUT the sicker our children become.  It’s evident by the fact that 54 percent of our children suffer from some chronic ailment of some type!  Do I believe it’s primarily the vaccines?  No, but it’s easily eighty percent vaccines and twenty percent poor dietary habits, excessive electromagnetic interference (e.g., cell phones, computers, WiFi exposure) and lack of exercise.

Meanwhile, many people know that the Somali’s of Minnesota had a huge measles outbreak recently.  It was terrible, wasn’t it and so many died, right?  WRONG!

Not only did no one die, but these “poor folks,” after having gotten the measles are now immune–NOT temporarily (say five years), as granted from a measles vaccine, but they’re immune….for life!  Yes, deaths have occurred, BUT the 69 deaths you might be thinking of over the past ten years, have NOT been from the measles, but they’ve been from the VACCINE!  Over the same period of time, there’s been one death from the measles.

So why do the Somali’s of Minnesota shun vaccines, to the point where only 42 percent are getting vaccinated?  THIS IS WHAT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA HASN’T TOLD YOU: THEY ARE SHUNNING VACCINES BECAUSE IT’S GIVEN ONE IN THIRTY-TWO CHILDREN…AUTISM, THAT’S WHY!  Now, before this fiasco, the Somali’s didn’t even have a word in their language for Autism.  What does that tell you?  It didn’t exist back in their homes on the Continent of Africa.  This you would have learned if you watched video 24 below.  This is NOT the information you’re getting from your local television station, is it?

So with that introduction, I have a point: In order to have a discussion on ANY issue, you have to know something about it, right?  If ALL you hear is the awful Measles outbreak in the Somali’s (or a few years back, in Disney World), you’ll conveniently “forget” that in healthy children, measles (like the Mumps and Chicken Pox), is a “right of passage”, allowing for immunity….for LIFE.  And yes, immunity from Shingles later in life.  This is NOT true for those who are merely vaccinated, by the way.  Their immunity to chicken pox wanes and later in life they’re more likely to get the hugely disabling shingles.  The solution is to LET children get the chicken pox naturally, so that they ARE immune for life–not only from chicken pox, but from shingles as well.  See the difference?  This is called details, and they matter!

So for those folks that want to “get up to date” on the vaccine issue in much greater detail, here is a selection of useful books and videos that might be of help.  Some folks like to delve into a book, others like watching documentaries or brief videos.  BUT we MUST want to learn about this issue, since reversing allergies, asthma, ADHD, Type I diabetes, learning disabilities and Autism AFTER they occur, is not so easy, although it is possible!  Finally, most folks known next-to-nothing about the issue except the “soundbites” they’ve heard from their doctors or from television.  Folks, another word for soundbites is propaganda.  Learn to distinguish between the two.

If they want to delve into the subject of “Thinking,” may I recommend a recent post I published on August 17th in the Vaxxter blog on the subject of Vaccines and Censorship.  It IS about Australia, but the same thing is happening in this country.

I have NOT included any books where the authors make significant money (or have made significant money in the past) from the sale of vaccines.

So here’s over 50 books.  There are others!   At the end of this list, I’ve listed several documentaries that you might want to check out–some long, some short.  All worth watching!  I’ve missed /forgotten some, please let me know and I may add them to this list.

By the way, when I went to my local library to check out some of these books, NONE were available in my local library and I found one by inter-library loan.  This is the exact same situation with those numerous books on the health hazards of fluoride or books on geoengineering activities or books on 9/11 truth–they’re hard to find in our libraries!  Bet you didn’t know censorship is alive and well in America, did you?

  1. Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future by Mark Blaxill
  2. Dissolving Illusions: Diseases, Vaccines and the Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries, Nephrologist, Immune system expert, co-author: Roman Bystrianyk
  3. Vaccine Epidemic, written by Suzanne Humphries
  4. Saying No to Vaccines, by Sherry Tenpenny, M.D.
  5. The Smear .. how shady political operatives and fake news control what you see, what you think, how you vote, by Sharyl Attkisson
  6. Healing (the Symptoms Known as) Autism by Kerri Rivera and Kimberley McDaniel.
  7. Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy
  8. Louder Than Words by Jenny McCarthy
  9. How To Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.; publisher; Contemporary Books, Inc.
  10. But Doctor… About That Shot… publisher: 1988 The Peoples Doctor, Inc.
  11. Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. Publisher:Warner Books
  12. Dissent in Medicine, Nine Doctors Speak out by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D., George Crile, M.D., Samuel Epstein, M.D., Henry Heimlich, M.D., Alan Scott Levin, M.D., Edward R. Pinckney, M.D., David Spodick, M.D., Richard Moskowitz, M.D., arid Gregory White, M.D.
  13. Don’t Get Stuck by Hannah Allen; Natural Hygiene Press__1985
  14. Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth by Walene James
  15. A Shot In The Dark by Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher
  16. Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins; Publisher; The National Council for Medical Research
  17. Dangers of Compulsory Immunizations: How to Avoid Them Legally by Tom Finn, Attorney-At-Law; Publisher: Family Fitness Press
  18. The Immunization Decision by Randall Neustaedter, C.A.
  19. The Vaccine Guide, by Randall Neustaedter
  20. FLU: Alternative Treatments and Prevention by Randall Neustaedter
  21. Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality : The Medical Assault on the American Brain by Harris L. Coulter
  22. What About Immunization? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy by Cynthia Cournoyer
  23. Vaccination and Immunization: Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives (What Every Parent Should Know) by Leon Chaitow; Publisher: The C.W. Daniel Company, Ltd.
  24. Every Woman’s Book by Paavo Airola
  25. The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean
  26. The Terror of Pediatric Medicine by Marc Sircus (did documentary on Ebola Virus)
  27. Thinking Mom’s Revolution by Helen Conroy and Lisa Joyce Goes
  28. Don’t Vaccinate Before you Educate by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein (I was on the radio with this doctor, in Nov. of 2015, three weeks before his untimely passing.)
  29. Vaccine Illusion by Russian Immunologist, Tetyana Obukhanych who was featured in full length documentary by Gary Null, Vaccine Epidemic
  30. Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health by Catherine Diodatti, M.A.
  31. Universal Immunization: Medical Miracle or Masterful Mirage? By Raymond, Obemsawin, Ph.D.  He also did the excellent documentary noted above.
  32. Your Special Education Rights: What Your School District Isn’t Telling You by Jennifer Laviano:
  33. Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Richard Moskowitz MD:
  34. How to Prevent Autism: Expert Advice from Medical Professionals by Dara Berger
  35. The Environmental & Genetic Causes of Autism by James Lyons-Weiler
  36. The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program by Wayne Rohde
  37. Vaccines 2.0: The Careful Parent’s Guide to Making Safe Vaccination Choices for Your Family by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted
  38. An Unfortunate Coincidence: A Mother’s Life inside the Autism Controversy by Julie Obradovic
  39. The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health through Pregnancy through Your Child’s Teen Years
  40. Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners by Neil Miller
  41. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave, M.D.
  42. The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child by Robert W. Sears, M.D.
  43. The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill
  44. All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa: A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism by Kim Stagliano (Author), Jenny McCarthy (Foreword)
  45. The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public by Anne Dachel
  46. Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases 1st Ed. by Kent Heckenlively (Author), Judy Mikovits
  47. Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC by Esq. Kevin Barry (Author), Dr. Boyd E. Haley (Preface), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Foreword)
  48. Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury—a Known Neurotoxin—from Vaccines by Jr. Robert F. Kennedy (Author), M.D. Mark Hyman (Preface), Martha R Herbert PhD MD (Introduction)
  49. Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines–The Truth Behind a Tragedy Paperback – July 13, 2011 by Andrew J. Wakefield (This writer was fortunate to hear Dr. Wakefield in his own words, July, 2011)
  50. Vaccine Injuries: Documented Adverse Reactions to Vaccines by Lou Conte (Author), Tony Lyons (forward)
  51. How to Prevent or Reverse the Common Cold or the Flu, by Tom Petrie (available free, as an e-book, from all who request it.)
  52. Every Second Child by Archie Kalakerinis, M.D.  This book documents how the author took an infant mortality rate of fifty percent (highest in the world at the time), and reduced it to near zero by simply the use of vitamin C and a wiser use of vaccines.  When this book came out in 1980, it was banned by the Australian government.  For more on this topic, go to my link on this website

Here’s 33 video sources/documentaries.  Some are brief, most are not.  ALL are educational, however.  Thirty and 31 are by me.

  1. The Truth About Vaccines (7-part series):
  2. Del Bigtree responds to John Oliver’s Tirade:
  3. VAXXED bus tour, the ONLY short, five minute clip here, WATCH IT:
  4. The Central Mechanism by Which Vaccines Produce Autism, by Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon, expert on brain chemistry.  Please note a major scientific paper was written by this doctor in 2008 on this topic.
  5. Vaxxed, the Interview with Andrew Wakefield, M.D. and Dr. Del Bigtree:
  6. Vaxxed:
  7. Vaccinations: What the CDC and documents and reveal about vaccines:
  8. Vaccines: True Weapons of Mass Destruction:
  9. Vaccines, Evidence of Harm:
  10. Gov’t lies about vaccine safety!
  11. Lethal Injection, the Story of Vaccination:
  12. Silent Epidemic:
  13. Exposing the Truth About Vaccines:
  14. Vaccine Ignorance:
  15. No Vaccine Necessary, that’s the Truth:
  16. Autism Made in the U.S.A: Vaccines, Heavy Metals, and Toxins are causing the epidemic of autism 
  17. Shocking Vaccine/Autism Cover-up:
  18. Suzzane Humphries on Vaccines, Get the Full Story: 
  19. More from Suzanne Humphries, Dissolving Illusions, Vaccines and Health: 
  20. Suzanne Humphries, Lectures on Vaccines and Health, Four parts, Part I: 
  21. Ditto, Part II:
  22. Ditto, Part III:
  23. Ditto, Part IV:
  24. Lies about the Flu Shot Working:
  25. Why You Should Say No to Vaccines:
  26. What the CDC documents say about vaccines
  27. Dangers of Mandatory Vaccines for Adults:
  28. More (1): 
  29. More (2) 
  30. From, yours truly, Vaccines and SIDS
  31. Just published a few days ago: Censorship is alive and well in Australia, by yours truly
  32. Shots In The Dark: Silence on Vaccine
  33. Vaccine Nation, by Gary Null This is one of the oldest documentaries on this list, but it’s a good start if you know little about this topic.

Recent Posts

For Parents of Young Children

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and its Major Causes

by Tom Petrie, Nutritionist


The problem arises in understanding SIDS because the way in which SIDS is studied is totally wrong!  The major components that should be looked into—namely nutrition and a child’s immediate environment (environmental toxins), is totally ignored while all kinds of money and effort is spent on factors that have little to do with solving the problem!  When the issue of nutrition IS raised, it is summarily rejected without investigation!  Thus factors that could lessen the nutritional health of a child are not considered worthy of investigation.  In other words, they’re ignored.

SIDS or ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’ is the leading cause of death in the first six months and is rare after a year of age.  Yet, it is important to recognize that SIDS is not necessarily ‘sudden’ in so far as happening without any underlying cause.  There are consistent underlying variables if one knows to look for them!

This article will just give the reader a glimpse of an important controversy.  It’s not really a controversy, but different levels of knowledge and understanding.  It may seem trivial—a mere 6,000 to 7,000 deaths per year—but the story is compelling and each reader should derive some benefit from it.   Besides, many readers will know someone with a child under one year of age and this information could save their life!

  SIDS refers to sudden, unexpected death of an infant who was either apparently well or suffering from a ‘trivial’ illness which normally would not be expected to cause death.  Also, autopsy findings usually fail to provide a satisfactory explanation for death.

(Please note, that by ‘normally not expected’ we mean, not expected by those people who don’t attempt to figure out the underlying human biochemistry when confronted with a health challenge, of whatever sort.  All events in the human body occur at the ‘cellular level’, so to ignore this fact, is to ignore how the body works.  Ignoring this fact, doesn’t change it—it just makes ‘finding causes’ that much more ‘elusive,’ that’s all.)

Some aspects of SIDS that have been studied during recent years include various ‘risk factors’ as well as abnormal biochemical, bacterial, viral, and immunological associations.  Various modern medical technologies have also been investigated and used.  The more fine abnormalities are looked into, the more that is found.  For example, there’s a recognition that cigarette smoking (cigarette smoke destroys ascorbic acid in the blood), in the home, increases the risk of a SIDS baby.  Yet nothing has been found by ‘mainstream’ researchers that dramatically reduces the incidence of the syndrome.

This article should totally dispel the myth that ‘we don’t know what causes SIDS.  The first part will discuss the link between acute vitamin C deficiency and SIDS.  The 2nd part will discuss the role that toxins from fungi that grow on flame-retardant children’s mattresses cause SIDS.   (And yes, vitamin C plays an important role in these cases too.)

Most authorities will not discuss any specific cause of SIDS, because by conventional medical standards, they simply do NOT KNOW what causes it!  When you’re finished reading this two part article, there should be no doubt in your mind as to the major causes of this problem.

There are two major factors that explain virtually all SIDS cases: acute scurvy and/or exposure to toxic fungi from flame-retardant children’s mattresses.  This article will address both factors in detail.



Ascorbic Acid and SIDS


Over thirty years ago a doctor from Australia by the name of Archie Kalakeronis (Dr. K) was able to reduce the infant mortality (the death rate of infants before their first birthday) from fifty percent (yes, that’s half!) to near zero in a very short period of time.  [See his 1981 book, “Every Second Child”]  He did this when he discovered that vitamin C brought ‘near SIDS babies’ back to almost ‘normal’ health within hours of their first vitamin C injections.  If you, the reader, think this ‘is crazy,’ that’s the same reaction he got in Australia AND in America when he came to Wash., D.C. (in 1977, 1978 and 1980) to try to discuss this issue with officials from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

In the area under Dr. K’s control, before he implemented the vitamin C therapy, a very large number of babies died before their first year.  In many cases, they had simply been suffering from—what to most observers, would be considered a ‘trivial’ illness.  After suffering from listlessness, they would stop breathing and die.  Autopsies failed to explain why, but vitamin C status was NEVER considered, and, therefore, totally ignored.  By the way, if the reader doesn’t know it by now, if something is not considered to be a cause of xyz health problem, it won’t be considered as a factor either!

When Dr. K. sought assistance from other general practitioners, specialists and government departments he was told that:  (1) That nobody else had such a problem, that (2) He was obviously doing something wrong; (3)  That he was not suited to practice medicine in such an area (with very poor Aborigine children) and (4)  That he should see a psychiatrist because he was ‘over concerned’.

With such a result one would expect other doctors to sit up and take notice.  However, Dr. K. was shocked to find that the reverse occurred.  Doctors and authorities, (and later various SIDS organizations), not only ignored his work but became extremely hostile!

Now a simple question is this: How does a physician become ‘over-concerned’ about a fifty percent infant mortality figure?

It turns out that all doctors in this part of Australia had the same problem of an enormously high infant mortality.  In some areas it was worse than others, but no matter how it was looked at, it was extremely high.  Many doctors, for reasons that were hard to understand by Dr. K, thought they did not have the problem despite existence of clear medical records showing a huge problem.  According to Dr. K., other doctors, specialists and government officials deliberately lied to him.   (As he has stated:  “They still lie, cheat and misrepresent when some most serious and obvious medical problems are considered.”)

Eventually Dr. K found that provided he could treat an infant early enough he could reverse the unconscious stage or an unexplained shock by giving vitamin C in large doses.  The method of administration and the dose given depended on the severity of the clinical state, but it was always intravenously or intramuscularly.   According to Dr. K, the results were dramatic.  The statistics demon-strated clearly how Dr. K. was able to dramatically reduce the infant death rate during the period from December 1967 to November 1975.  After this time, he left the area in Australia where he had been stationed for some 15 years.

With such a result one would expect other doctors to sit up and take notice.   However, Dr. K. was shocked to find that the reverse occurred.  Doctors and authorities, (and later various SIDS organizations), not only ignored his work but became extremely hostile!   Several times he was able to demonstrate to colleagues the dramatic reversal of the shock or unconscious stage.  Yet, according to Dr. K., they remained hostile.

Here is an account of the kind of behavior that confronted Dr. K during one episode while working down in the Australian outback.  It is from one of his recent writings on the subject:

 “This hostility reached an extreme state one time when twins were admitted to the hospital in a desperately neglected, malnourished and dehydrated state.  I lived next door to the hospital.  There were three phone lines between my place and the hospital.  The twins were admitted (from memory) about 10.00pm at night.  Nobody informed me about their admission.  I saw them when I did routine rounds next day at 10.00am.  When I stated that I was going to resuscitate them by administering intravenous fluids the nurses tried to talk me out of doing this. When I insisted that I would they all walked out, leaving me alone to find the instruments and equipment and resuscitate them. They did survive.”

About six years ago, triplets from Westchester County were the subject of a cover story in the New York Daily News:  Apparently all three stopped breathing at the same time while in their pediatrician’s office.  I contacted the mother the next day and she confirmed (as I had suspect-ed) that they all had just ‘mild colds’ and all three had recently been vaccinated (a fact that I also suspected).  Obviously I recommended a modest quantity of vitamin C and caution with regards to future vaccinations, especially during a ‘trivial’ cold, to prevent any future occurrences (or ‘near death’).

The attitude that doctors have with regards to nutritional interventions and prevention of a variety of health problems, (including SIDS), is disturbing to say the least.  Here’s how Dr. K. explains his experience:

“What makes otherwise sane people do something like this? I can only assume that there was a large degree of hostility because of jealousy – something gets into individuals and changes their entire psychology. They become twisted in such a way that normal human responses are impossible. It is necessary for me to stress this event so that others can understand why it is that my work has been ignored.”

“But worse was to come. I observed that in some circum-stances, particularly when infants had even a mild illness that sudden collapse (shock or unconsciousness or sudden death) could occur after the routine administration of a vaccine of any type. Immediately authorities rushed to deny that such a thing happens or if it does it is so rare that it can be ignored because of the overpowering benefit of the vaccines to others.”

“Now I am not going to state here that vaccines should not be administered – that is too complex a topic for simple consideration. But I am going to say that serious reactions to vaccines, particularly the crude form of whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine that is used in Australia, are far more common than authorities would have us believe. More important this gives us an important clue that leads to an understanding of the SIDS.”

     In susceptible infants, any factor that leads to the depletion of vitamin C in the blood can lead to SIDS.  Such things as infection, stress or vaccinations all can lead to sudden unconsciousness or sudden shock and death.  The SIDS is not a clearly defined condition.  It must be considered as a multi-factorial end to a complex picture.  A child with low vitamin C status will have a poorer immune response and, likely a greater likelihood of succumbing to SIDS.   Thus, vitamin C plays a very important, indeed a critical role that should not be ignored.

      Back in June of 2001, there was a major newspaper report that smoking was strongly linked to SIDS!  So what?  Smoking (including second hand smoke), depletes blood levels of vita-min C and therefore, if a drop in blood level of vitamin C causes or increases the likelihood of a SIDS event, then a link between smoking and SIDS would not be surprising, but expected!  

      Back in 1980, I wrote a paper in college discussing the importance of breast feeding—especially in reference to the prevention of a ‘SIDS’ child.  It is very important that a mother nurse her infant.  Of course, it’s also important that the nursing mother consumes adequate amounts of (vitamin C rich) fruits, vegetables and/or supplements.   Still, nursing a child can NOT prevent a “SIDS” death if such a child is sleeping on a dangerous mattress!  (For more on this subject, see Part II in the next month’s issue.)

And as far as this writer and Dr. K (of Australia) is concerned the problem is ninety percent solved.  If other doctors prefer to think otherwise we will continue to see many more unnecessary deaths.   Thus it is important to recognize that most research projects now in progress only cloud the issue without solving it.

Still, there is another direction that research has taken on the SIDS front and this aspect of SIDS research needs to be considered before leaving the subject.  That vitamin C is still ‘relevant’ to reversing/preventing SIDS with this second cause will become clear in Part II

Before World War II, sudden infant deaths were very uncommon.  After 1948, the governments of nearly all the rich industrialized countries required treatment of baby and child mattresses with flame retardant chemicals.  The most common chemicals used were phosphorus and antimony.  In addition, arsenic was sometimes added as a preservative.

Since the use of these flame-retardant chemicals, the American SIDS death rate ballooned from barely on the radar screen  before World War II to about 10,000 per year by 1980!  It has since declined to about 7,000 per year in the year 2000.  IT SHOULD BE ZERO DEATHS!  Part of the reason for the decline may be a forty percent reduction in cigarette smoking in households across the nation (with and without children), improved diets and the greater use of vitamin C supplements.


Before World War II, sudden infant deaths were very uncommon.  After 1948, the governments of nearly all the rich industrialized countries required treatment of baby and child mattresses with flame- retardant chemicals. 


When the chemicals added to these flame retardant mattresses are heated by body heat (or a fire!), extremely poisonous gases are released.   In most households is a common, ordinarily harmless household fungi known as Scopulariopsis brevicaulis.  This fungi and other microorganisms consume the phosphorus, arsenic and antimony, (added as fire retardants and plastic softeners) during their normal metabolic processes.   As they consume these chemicals, the fungi emit the heavier-than-air gases based on phosphine (PH3), arsine (AsH3) and stibine (SbH3). These highly toxic gases are about one thousand times more poisonous than carbon monoxide, which kills many innocent people from faulty furnaces to a car inadvertently left running in a closed garage.  One of the most toxic gases known is called Sarin.  (In the Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Compounds, 1994 Ed. it’s amongst the most toxic compounds known—rated ‘6.0’ on a scale of 1-6…mercury is 5.0, fluoride is 4.5 and lead is 4.0).  The chemicals produced in these flame-retardant mattresses are about as toxic as sarin!  This is the same chemical used by Iraq against the Kurds and by the criminal during the 1995 Tokyo terrorist subway attack.

Sadly, approximately one million babies have died ‘suddenly’, worldwide as a result of exposure to these toxic gases!   The toxic gas are produced as the baby warms these chemicals.  Perspiration, dribble, urine and a high pH enable the fungi to grow and quickly generate the toxic gases.   Also, if there is any antimony in the mattress, this can be converted to stibine, which is toxic enough to kill a baby!   Breathed for an extended time even in minute quantities, these nearly odor-less gases can interrupt nervous impulses from the brain to the heart and lungs.   This is what shuts down the central nervous system, stops heart function and causes breathing to stop.



It is true that most of these gases quickly dissipate away from an infant child. But if enough gas accumulates to a fatal dose, the parents know nothing of it until their terrible discovery, typically the next morning.  Now the parents suffer from enormous ‘guilt’ reactions with unbelievable negative consequences.  The truth is the parents did NOTHING wrong!

To prevent crib death, an appropriate gas-impermeable barrier is needed between mattress and baby.  An inexpensive slip-on mattress cover called BabeSafe® — invented by New Zealander T.J. Sprott, PhD — came to market in New Zealand in 1996.  Among one hundred thousand or so babies sleeping on this/these product(s) there and elsewhere, not one crib death has been reported.  An equally successful alternative is to wrap the entire mattress using thick, clear polyethylene plastic; see instructions with supply details at the end of this document.

Until a safe protective cover is used, (such as BabeSafe®), or when its use might not be feasible, mothers can reduce (but not eliminate) the risk of SIDS by elevating the head end of the crib an inch or two.  Doing this will allow these heavier than air toxic gases to flow to the foot end — and dissipate away to the floor.   In addition, consumption of adequate amounts of vita-min C (see last issue), will dramatically reduce and perhaps eliminate SIDS.   A rolled towel prevents the baby from sliding.   Accor-ding to an informal test reported in the 1960s by an Ameri-can metropolitan newspaper, that procedure prevented any crib deaths.  The result, mysterious at the time, is now readily explained by the research on toxic fungi.   Also, it is important to ensure that your baby sleeps face up.   A bassinet or crib with solid sides would trap dangerous gases (in an unprotected mattress), and therefore, should be avoided.


A Little History on Gases Produced by Toxic Fungi


That various household fungi can produce various toxic gases called arsines, has been known for over a hundred years.   Although thousands of children were killed by this gas in Europe throughout the 19th century, it was not until 1892 that an Italian Chemist discovered its cause.   Nearly a century later, a Dr. Sprott proposed a toxic gas explanation for SIDS in 1986.  In 1989, Mr. Barry A. Richardson, a widely published British consulting scientist and expert in materials degradation inde-pendently came to the same conclusion, and then further refined and elaborated the connection to crib death in the early 1990s.  Dr. Sprott’s 1996 book, The Cot Death Cover-up? provides a clear explanation on how toxic gases can and do cause SIDS.


Other factors that lend support to the link between toxic gases and SIDS include the following facts:


  1. In 1989, a British researcher, Peter Mitchell, found that the risk of SIDS doubled from a mother’s first baby to her second and doubles again from the second to the third baby. Others had noticed this factor, but couldn’t explain higher SIDS risk among a mother’s later babies.   The toxic gas explanation explains it perfectly since fungal spores esta-blished during prior use will multiply in those mattress—most likely in poor families, that are re-used from one child to the next.  Poorer mothers can’t afford new mattresses so they simply re-use the ones they have.  If SIDS researchers were honestly looking at ALL possibly causes of SIDS, they wouldn’t ignore the toxic gas cause of SIDS, that’s for sure!


  1. In Taiwan from 1988 to 1992, babies born second to fourth were 70 percent more likely to die of SIDS than the first; risk for fifth or later babies was up 130 percent. Not knowing about toxic gases and their link to SIDS, the researchers did not understand their findings.  Yet, the toxic gas hypothesis explains these statistics just fine.  Unfortunately, SIDS organizations in the United States and Canada have NOT investigated the link between toxic gases and SIDS and, therefore, do NOT have these statistics available.

The two discoveries, (1) One hundred percent protection by BabeSafe® and (2) the doubled, then quadrupled risk in subsequent babies, appear to destroy theories blaming SIDS on other causes.  Still, the link between vaccinations and SIDS should not be discounted for the following reason: Vaccinations can dramatically reduce a child’s blood levels of ascorbic acid.  Ascorbic acid can neutralize the alkaline gases that are produced by the toxic fungi, thereby, saving a child’s life.  Therefore, even though vaccinations may not be a direct cause of SIDS, in a susceptible child, it can contribute to their untimely/unexpected death.  It is no wonder that vaccinations are strongly associated with SIDS.  What critics call a ‘temporal association,’ may be more than that!


A mattress developed in New Zealand that is not treated with dangerous flame-retardant chemicals has been used by over 100,000 children.  These ‘BabySafe’ mattresses have been used with no child death (on any such mattresses used).


The toxic gas hypothesis explains why having child sleep face-up, reduces their risk of dying  These gases are heavier than air and the closer a child’s mouth is to their mattress, the greater would be their exposure to these dangerous gases.  Toxic gas output from infants’ mattresses declined rapidly in Britain after Mr. Richardson publicized his hypothesis in June 1989, and again in December 1994 after he and Dr. Sprott dramatized the problem in “The Cook Report,” a highly-rated program on BBC television.   Parents bought new mattresses that lacked the potential for toxic gas creation, or properly wrapped old ones.   Manufacturers quietly began to remove the chemicals, which fire safety regulations had required.   Before that, the SIDS rate in Britain had been rising; it had reached a tragic new peak in 1986-88 when more phosphorus was added to baby mattresses.   It fell for the first time immediately after Richardson’s 1989 announcement.

The ongoing, first-ever decline in Britain’s SIDS rate accelerated in December 1991, after “Back-to-Sleep” publicity urged parents to put babies to sleep face up.  The toxic gas hypothesis explains the nearly worldwide drop in crib deaths, which followed that campaign.  Incidentally, New Zealand was the first country to make face-up sleeping a national program, after research there proved its effectiveness.

Recent research, presented for the first time at the SIDS 2000 conference (Auckland, New Zealand, February 2000) by professor Bill Cullen from University of British Columbia, proved the generation of an arsine from sheepskins containing arsenic.  The sheepskins tested were provided to Dr. Cullen by Dr. Sprott, who had obtained them from parents who had lost to SIDS babies sleeping on the very same sheepskins.

There’s much more to this topic, but hopefully, this material has convinced you that no child needs to die from SIDS.

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(1) Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients Aug/Sept, 2000.

(2)  See Every Second Child by Dr. Archie Kalokeronis, M.D., 1981.

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